Cadinot Classics # 3

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DVD Cadinot Classics 3 offers 2 pornfilms from 1983, gay sex without condoms (the word Bareback was unknown in those days) Missing a train can be annoying, unless the sexual activity of the staff in the restaurant at the station is first class! And when you get home, you can tell your elder brother all about it. A provincial boarding school, inhabited by six students stuck there for various reasons. Candor, tenderness and perversity trouble the adults around them: the gardener, the chef, the male nurse and, perhaps as well, the Master. A world of young students, with romance and sex!

Cadinot Classics # 3

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Charmants Cousins aka Becoming Men (53 minutes)
An early pre-condom work from director Cadinot, and it still stands as one of his finest achievements. While not as lushly shot as hit later works, you'd be hard pressed to find a more lovely, succulent and all-around sloppy-cum-drenched fuckathon than this one here. The opening scenario is still the stuff dreams are made of, as a young beautyboy, on his way home from school, stops by a local café. When the waiter accidently spills coffee on the buck, he takes him to clean him up in the restroom, eventually pouncing on his virgin ass and tearing him up. Marauding and predatory as this scene may feel, there's no denying what a fucking turn-on it is. More scenes follow, including two young boys rubbing and massaging each other as they bathe (very sensual) and a spunk/froth inducing strip poker finale in which our lads dare and force their friends to bare all in a game of strip poker that, as sleazy as it is, I'd sign up for in a second. A near-classic of the genre. The guys here are young, and Cadinot makes the most of them. Tight, sticky close-up shots of holes being prodded apart by thick, uncut, pre-cum slathered tallywhackers for the first time may make a few uncomfortable (it plays like "let's rape the helpless straightboy") but it's so well done, who'd complain? Well, I guess you could - but it'd be your loss.

Sacré Collège (58 minutes)
"Easter 1952. A provincial boarding house, inhabited by six students stuck there for various reasons. Cadinot deals with a particularly exciting subject which is dear to him. From the refectory to the bathing area through the kitchen, infirmary, sinks and the dormitories during siesta, Cadinot's camera, light as a breeze, rolls up its shorts and shows us the universe of particular student bonding that we all know and love... or wish we did! Candor, tenderness and perversity trouble the adults around them: the gardener, the chef, the nurse and, perhaps as well, the Master. Do you dream of living in a world of young students? Treat yourself to this film without risk of corruption!"

Cast:  Alexandre Del Faro, Arnaud Monastier, Borys Brunof, Franck Emmanuel, Frederic Christopher,Frederic LeMaire, Gerard Nemour,Guy Bourgeois, Laurent Girard,Mike Lee, Philippe Amar, Pierre Buisson, Samson Carry, Terry Lange

Director:  Jean-Daniel Cadinot

Country:  France

Length: 1 hr 51 min

Year: 1983

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