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  1. Sensual Touch Love Ring in Purple

    Sensual Touch Love Ring in Purple

    Regular Price: CA$34.95

    Special Price CA$27.95

  2. Revelations



    <p><span>Vous êtes célibataire et vous avez bientôt un rendez-vous intéressant ? Grâce à ces 50 questions surprenantes, vous allez vite apprendre à bien vous connaître. </span><br /><br /><span>Que ce soit votre première fois ou que vous ayez déjà expérimenté cette situation : un rendez-vous c'est toujours un peu stressant ! Car… comment entamer une conversation agréable de façon décontractée ? Que voulez-vous vraiment savoir de la personne que vous rencontrez ? Et comment savoir rapidement si vous êtes bien assortis ? </span></p>
    <p><span><span>Révélations Speed Dating vous aide à résoudre ce problème. La collection Révélations de MOODZZ s’est enrichie de Speed Dating, 50 questions variées et surprenantes pour faire agréablement et rapidement connaissance. Vous tirez chacun à votre tour une carte sur laquelle figure une question, comme par exemple : </span><br /><br /><span>• Qui est ton meilleur ami ou ta meilleure amie et pourquoi ? </span><br /><span>• Pétales de roses et bougies ou menottes et fouet ? </span><br /><span>• A quoi fais-tu attention quand tu rencontres quelqu'un pour la première fois ? </span><br /><span>• Quelle est la chose la plus aventureuse que tu aies jamais faite ? </span></span></p>
    <div class="itemFullText">
    <p>Ce petit jeu facile à emporter et qui facilitera le déroulement de votre rendez-vous s'adresse à tous les célibataires à la recherche de l'âme soeur !</p>
    <div class="itemExtraFields"> </div>
    <p><span><span><br /></span></span></p> Learn More
  3. Elastomer Cock Ring 3 Pack in Black, Blue, Clear
  4. PDX Elite Mega Grip Anal Stroker

    PDX Elite Mega Grip Anal Stroker


    <li>Orifice: Neutral</li>
    <li>Length: 5"</li>
    <li>Special Features: Open Ended</li>
    </ul> Learn More
  5. Thrill Solo G-Spot and Clitoral Vibrator for Her in Ruby

    Thrill Solo G-Spot and Clitoral Vibrator for Her in Ruby

    Regular Price: CA$59.95

    Special Price CA$29.95

    <p>Ushering the immensely popular couple-centric We-Vibe into blissful new worlds of pure female ecstasy, the Thrill Solo vibe, though built along the We-Vibe's much loved lines, caters specifically to women, providing effortlessly precise positioning, a sublimely dramatic g-spot massaging, comfortably ergonomic shape, and 8 brilliant modes of stimulation.</p>
    <p>Created to fully, completely and orgasmically encompass unique female curves and the erogenous zones they contain, the Thrill's ultra flexible 'C' shape with its large, perfectly placed handle up top allows for the most precise positioning and manual maneuvering imaginable. The Thrill will naturally hug the upper wall of the vagina and g-spot when inserted- a thick, up-reaching textured nub massages and stimulates this treasure trove of nerve endings while the delightfully firm, silky clitoral stimulator nestles against outer areas.</p> Learn More
  6. Hercules Hydropump

    Hercules Hydropump

    Regular Price: CA$149.95

    Special Price CA$119.95

    <p><span>An innovative pump that harnesses the natural suction created by water in your tub or shower to increase the strength, size and overall appearance of the penis, the Hercules has been endorsed by male sexual health experts, various men's health magazines, and many, many happy customers. </span></p>
    <p>Take a good look at Hercules before getting started to acquaint yourself with your new pump, and read through the included instructions. The theory behind this great system is simple, once the penis is in place and comfortably surrounded by warm water, you'll push down on the cylinder to expel any excess, naturally creating a suction effect. Gentle yet definitely effective, the following pressure draws blood into the penis and surrounding tissue, creating a firm erection and in essence providing a workout for the male sex organ, keeping it in shape, so to speak, and operating at peak capacity. Even if you're a complete newbie, this pump is by no means intimidating, and use is virtually effortless.</p> Learn More
  7. Universal Tube Cleaner

    Universal Tube Cleaner

    Regular Price: CA$49.95

    Special Price CA$26.95

    This Universal Tube Cleaner allows stimulating enema play between partners. Simply fill the syringe with water -- or any favorite liquid you may have -- (pull back on the pull-ring in the same manner you would any syringe) and apply directly into the anal cavity. The syringe holds up to 100ml of liquid and includes two different attachments for different sensations. Learn More
  8. Bung 2 Pure Silicone (OXBALLS)

    Bung 2 Pure Silicone (OXBALLS)

    Regular Price: CA$54.95

    Special Price CA$44.95

    <li>Adjustable: Flexible</li>
    <li>First Insertable Length: 3.6 inches</li>
    <li>Pro Insertable Length: 6.2 inches</li>
    <li>Material: Pure Platinum Silicone</li>
    <li>Colour: Black or Red</li>
    <li>Made in USA</li>
    </ul> Learn More
  9. Kink Nipple Clips with Heavy Chain

    Kink Nipple Clips with Heavy Chain

    Regular Price: CA$44.95

    Special Price CA$39.95

  10. Ankle Cuffs Black

    Ankle Cuffs Black

    Regular Price: CA$34.95

    Special Price CA$29.95

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