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  1. Andropenis Gold Prenium Kit

    Andropenis Gold Prenium Kit

    Regular Price: CA$249.95

    Special Price CA$219.95

    <p><strong>Package Includes:</strong></p>
    <p>1 x Andropenis Gold Extender (24K Gold)</p>
    <p>2 x Androcomfort Bands</p>
    <p>2 x Androsilicone Bands</p>
    <p>4 x Androtop</p>
    <p>2 x Androring</p>
    <p>20 x Extension rods of different sizes</p>
    <p>1 x Instruction Booklet</p>
    <p>1 x Comfort Kit including,</p>
    <li>4 x Androcomfort Bands</li>
    <li>4 x Androsilicone Bands</li>
    <li>8 x Androtop</li>
    <li>4 x Androring</li>
    </ul> Learn More
  2. Koloss



    MEDICAL INGREDIENTS: Panax Ginseng P.E.3:1, Grape Seed extract (Vitis vinifera L.), Maca (Lepidium meyenii), L-arginine, Taurine, Zinc (Sulfate), Vitamin B1 (Thiamine mononitrate), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxal hydrochloride)

    NON MEDICAL INGREDIENTS : Microcristalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stéarate, Gelatine. Learn More
  3. Herbamax-10 Pills

    Herbamax-10 Pills


    <p><strong>HerbaMAX Male </strong><span><span> </span>helps alleviate within 4 to 72 hours (1 to 3 days) the symptoms of minor erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation, and/or orgasmic disorder, by:</span></p>
    <li><span>• An immediate and significant increase in your erectile function</span></li>
    <li><span>• A feeling of increased strength from advanced testosterone levels</span></li>
    <li><span>• A noticeable increase in muscular growth</span></li>
    <li><span>• Mental clarity and reduced stress</span></li>
    <li><span>• Your physical performance and ability to sustain improved energy</span></li>
    <li><span>• A noticeable increase in stamina and sexual activity and longevity</span></li>
    <li><span>• A sense of escalated self-esteem ,the confidence to please your partner.</span></li>
    <li><span>• Improving blood flow to the penis</span></li>
    <li><span>• Reducing anxiety</span></li>
    <li><span>• Increasing the male hormone testosterone</span></li>
    <li><span>• Calming other hormonal disturbances</span></li>
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  4. Bipromax



    Sold in 2 or 10 pack. Learn More
  5. Forta



    FORTA for MEN is a new, remarkable, fast acting, all natural sexual enhancement product that makes the most of your natural potential. FORTA for MEN is part of a new generation of quick acting, long lasting and Yang tonifying products. Once it has been consumed, an erection usually takes place within 45 minutes, and the effects can last for 2 to 3 days. It is made with only the purest ingredients to ensure the absolute best quality and efficiency. FORTA for MEN is 100% organic and will not lead to addiction. Learn More
  6. Durazest



    Durazest enhances sexual performance and increases staying power. It stimulates the body naturally, boosting testosterone and sperm production as well as the libido, so when opportunity arises, so will you—even after just one dose! Learn More
  7. go hard erection cream
  8. Mr Thick Dick 1.5Oz

    Mr Thick Dick 1.5Oz


    Crème à base d’eau sans danger pour le corps
    Facilement absorbé par la peau
    Érections plus dures / Meilleur contrôle / Meilleurs orgasmes
    Compatible avec condoms et jouets sexuels
    Garde la peau douce et souple
    Résultat durable, si utilisé chaque jour
    Augmente le flux sanguin dans les régions où appliqué
    Ne tache pas
    Se nettoie facilement avec de l’eau et du savon Learn More
  9. Primal Male Virility Cream 10ml

    Primal Male Virility Cream 10ml


    Directions For Use

    How do I use Primal?

    Ideally 15-30 minutes before intimacy as the sensation gradually becomes stronger and can last for
    an hour or two. Add more depending on the level of intensity you like.

    How do I apply it?

    Gently massage a small amount of Primal onto the shaft and penis head until absorbed. Learn More
  10. Pjur Superhero 20ml

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